CIF | Enclosed switch fuses


Switch-disconnectors with fuses available from 63 to 800A in 2P – 3P – 3P+N (according to models), in a metal enclosure (IP65). They combine in a compact unit the function of a switch-disconnector with the protection against overloads and short-circuits given by the fuses.


Amp. Fuse (*) Size Connection Series 3P 3P+N
63 NH00C 00 Cage M3 CIF23C00633PBD2 CIF23C00633NBD2
100 NH00C 00 Cage M3 CIF23C01003PBD3 CIF23C01003NBD3
125 NH00 0 Terminal M3 CIF23C01253PTD4 CIF23C01253NTD4
250 NH1 1 Terminal M3 CIF23C02503PSD5 CIF23C02503NSD5
400 NH2 2 Terminal M21 CIF22C04003PSD2 CIF22C04003NSD2
630 NH3 3 Terminal M21 CIF22C06303PSD3 CIF22C06303NSD3
800 NH3 3 Terminal M21 CIF22C08003PSD3 CIF22C08003NSD3

*Fuses are not included

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