M3 | 32A -250A


The M3 Series from Telergon is a new fully modular range of switch-disconnectors with fuses. Available up to 250 A and in 2P, 3P, 3P+N versions, along with the addition of a detachable neutral version. Compatible with a wide range of accessories (handles, auxiliary contacts, terminal shrouds…).

Designed to offer the most compact solution on the market, it is composed of 3 models – according to different sizes -which reinforce our competitiveness in the market thanks to a comprehensive and versatile range. Complete fuse isolation thanks to its double-break contact system.



Amp. Fuse (*) Size Connection 2P 3P 3P+N
32 A1-A2 00 Cage M3-00322PBB10 M3-00323PBB10 M3-00323NBB10
50 14×51 00 Cage M3-00502PBC20 M3-00503PBC20 M3-00503NBC20
63 A2-A3 00 Cage M3-00632PBB20 M3-00633PBB20 M3-00633NBB20
63 NH000 00 Cage M3-00632PBD20 M3-00633PBD20 M3-00633NBD20
80 BS-A3 00 Cage M3-00802PBB30 M3-00803PBB30 M3-00803NBB30
100 22×58 00 Cage M3-01002PBC30 M3-01003PBC30 M3-01003NBC30
100 NH000 00 Cage M3-01002PBD30 M3-01003PBD30 M3-01003NBD30
100 BS-A3 0 Terminal M3-01002PTB30 M3-01003PTB30 M3-01003NTB30
125 22×58 0 Terminal M3-01252PTC30 M3-01253PTC30 M3-01253NTC30
125 NH00 0 Terminal M3-01252PTD40 M3-01253PTD40 M3-01253NTD40
160 NH00 0 Terminal M3-01602PTD40 M3-01603PTD40 M3-01603NTD40
200 BS-A4 1 Terminal M3-02002PSB50 M3-02003PSB50 M3-02003NSB50
200 BS-B1-B2 1 Terminal M3-02002PSB60 M3-02003PSB60 M3-02003NSB60
250 NH1 1 Terminal M3-02502PSD50 M3-02503PSD50 M3-02503NSD50
250 BS-B3 1 Terminal M3-02502PSB80 M3-02503PSB80 M3-02503NSB80

*Fuses are not included


Amp. Fuse (*) Size Connection 3P 3P+N
30 J21x57 00 Cage M3-00303PBJ300L M3-00303NBJ300L
60 J27x60 0 Terminal M3-00603PTJ400L M3-00603NTJ400L
100 J29x117 1 Terminal M3-01003PSJ500L M3-01003NSJ500L
200 J41x146 1 Terminal M3-02003PSJ600L M3-02003NSJ600L

*Fuses are not included


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