September 2023

Green Energy

Specialised solutions for decentralised photovoltaic installations

Specialists in photovoltaic 

At Telergon, as specialists in photovoltaics, we offer this sector the most efficient and innovative switchgear solutions and they adapt to the different needs of each installation.

We have a range of high-performance products for 800V AC applications, up to 3200A, which complete our offer for AC clustering panels in decentralised photovoltaic installations. This range of high-performance products has been tested in specialised external laboratories in order to offer the best quality and guarantee for our entire range.

Our range of solutions for photovoltaic installations includes solutions for combiner boxes, energy storage, central inverters and string inverters, among others. Thanks to our experience, know-how and technical team, we can adapt our products and solutions to the needs of each customer and project.

A – DC switch-disconnectors for string inverters | 1000Vdc | 1500Vdc

Our 2P S7 switch-disconnector, specially designed for PV plants, is the flawless solution for this application.

It is capable of reaching 500 A – 1500 Vdc (750 Vdc per pole). Based on the patented magnetic blow cut-off technology, this series is the result of years of research by our R&D team and our experience in the industry

  • Maximized performance
  • High safety level
  • Suitable for extreme environments
  • Compact design
  • Longer life
  • Easy to install and maintain

Would you like to see our specialised product range for these decentralised installations? In addition, most of our series are available with motorized operation, so that they can be operated remotely.

 B – AC switch-disconnectors for decentralised photovoltaic installations | 800Vac

High performance load break switch-disconnectors for 800V ac photovoltaic applications. 3P and 6P ranges designed for string inverter or decentralized installations. Motorizable option, on request.

C – LV Vertical Fuse Switches | 800Vac for LV panel

Pronutec, our partner from Gorlan group and a leading company in the manufacturing of capital goods for the low voltage switchgear sector, has a complete range of fuse bases for AC PV applications.

D – Fuses NH gG/gS for LV panel protection | 800Vac

Fuses with gG or gS curve are the only ones suitable for the protection of the output of string inverters in 800 V AC. Other curves, as for example the aR, present too high-power dissipation and too low breaking capacity.

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