Switch-disconnector S7 | 125A – 500A | 1500Vdc


New high-performance switch-disconnector capable of reaching 500 A – 1500 Vdc (750 Vdc per pole)

Based on the innovative Magic patented technology, S7 is the result of years of research of our R&D team and the expertise provided by our successful experience being the preferred DC switch-disconnector supplier for solar plants since 2007.

  • Frontal or side operation
  • Maximized electrical performance
  • High safety level
  • Suitable for extreme environments
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Longer life
  • Compact design

Patented technology US 10,269,512 B2



Amp. Size Frontal operation Side operation
160 1 S7-01602PS0 S7-01602PSL
200 1 S7-02002PS0 S7-02002PSL
250 1 S7-02502PS0 S7-02502PSL
315 1 S7-03152PS0 S7-03152PSL
400 1 S7-04002PS0 S7-04002PSL
500 1 S7-05002PS0 S7-05002PSL


Amp. Size Frontal operation Side operation
250 1 S7-02502PS00L S7-02502PSL0L
320 1 S7-03202PS00L S7-03202PSL0L
400 1 S7-04002PS00L S7-04002PSL0L
500 1 S7-05002PS00L S7-05002PSL0L


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