• Accumulated experience
  • Versatile and constantly evolving portfolio
  • Bespoke solutions
  • Agile response to specific needs
  • Engineering and technical team with extensive knowledge
  • Vertical integration and cost efficiency, thanks to the synergies and knowledge acquired from our experience in other markets
  • Traceability and internal control and quality tests

At Telergon, we have a wide expertise in this area. In fact, it is one of our main business areas since the acquisition of Bihplat in 2015, a brand with an experience of more than 60 years that was integrated into our offer of specific products for this sector.

All this has led us to acquire a deep knowledge in the development of rolling stock and fixed installation solutions for 1000 Vac and 1500 Vdc, allowing us to be part in nearly a hundred projects around the world thanks to our products.

In addition, our accumulated experience in other sectors allows us to complete our rolling stock offer with other products and solutions for low-voltage switchgear solutions for fixed installations (stations, signalling, etc.).

Our range of products for the railway sector is applicable to cabins, access systems, HVAC, rolling stock and fixed installation.

Specialised and customised solutions for railway applications, from cam switches, changeover switches and selectors to operate and access, to complete 1500Vdc earthing systems or battery disconnectors.

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Driver's cab switches

Cab active and inverter switch in tandem operation with interlocking. Extensive adaptation to cylinders and security keys.

Onboard access switches

Wide range of changeover switches with spring return or steady positions, customized aluminium or stainless-steel front plates.

Battery disconectors

Isolation only and ON-load models 2 pole and multipole versions Front, door and frame mounting.

Earthing systems

Up to 16 poles earthing switches 1500VDC in robust, compact and light weight design. Safety devices with key interlocking.

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