The Switch Specialist

Manufacturers since 1953

Who we are

As the switch specialist, we design and manufacture low voltage switchgear solutions. We anticipate our customers’ needs and offer electromechanical products for industrial applications, utilities, railway and green energy sector.

Telergon is an innovative, customer orientated firm and we are strongly committed to R&D as a tool to boost the future of the industry. Due to this attitude, the company offers a wide range of standard products but also the possibility to customize them according to special requirements.

Our knowledge, acquired through an experience of 70 years, together with the involvement of its highly qualified professionals, has allowed Telergon to be present in more than 100 countries, always providing the best service and working under the strictest quality standards.


As a manufacturer and a company specialised in product design since 1953, we have extensive experience in the sector. Every year we work on our continuous improvement, and on offering the best service and quality products to our customers. We continue to grow internationally, being present in more than 100 countries and with a strong consolidation in our national market. Thanks to all the commitment of our team and the trust of our customers, we have been in continuous growth since our beginnings. Our main objective is to take care of our customers and employees in order to continue growing together.

1953 Telergon foundation
1962 Cam switch and special schemes launching
1978 Our first AC switch-disconnector series S-5000 launching (current S5)
1980 Our first changeover switches range launching
1995 First switch fuses series M11 – M21
1998 Merger with Italian Vemer Group. ISO 9001 Certificate approval
1999 India establishment
2001 Excellence Performance Award for SMEs. ISO 14001 Certificate approval. Motorized changeover switch launching
2005 Date of integration Gorlan Group
2006 S6 Launching. New laboratory for tests and new section for pressing of metal component. Photovoltaic sector entry.
2009 UL certification
2012 New range of ergonomic handle
2014 New generation of switch-disconnectors
2015 Railway sector entry, with the acquisition of the company BIHPLAT
2017 Process automation
2019 CEC Launching, compact changeover switch
2020 S7 launching, DC solution for photovoltaic
2021 M3 launching, New range of switch-fuses
2023 Office expansion, facility upgrades and new ERP system



To design and manufacture low voltage switchgear solutions, maintaining our position as specialists in quality switch-disconnectors and with sustainable, profitable and committed growth. To understand the expectations of our customers (internal and external) and our suppliers, in order to deliver products and services to their complete satisfaction. Boosting a continuous improvement and innovation to maintain our competitiveness and improve performance.



To be the leading specialist manufacturer of low voltage switchgear solutions, with the widest range on the market, being the best option for our customers in terms of cost and service. To promote and strengthen the increase of our international presence, with the development of new products and markets. To have optimal internal communication, through teamwork, commitment, information flow and training.


Our values are what guide us and on which we base our work and continuous improvement every day.

These corporate values are shared by the entire Telergon team and are reflected in everything we do.

1 | Customer orientation


General Manager

“For us, contact with the client is vital: we truly believe in proximity as an instrument to know first-hand the needs of our clients and we are proud to say that we go where they are. At Gorlan we seek to be the best option in terms of cost, quality and service for our clients, and to adapt flexibly to their demand, optimizing our products and the supply chain with the vertical integration of all processes.”



R&D Manager

“Innovation is the key factor on transforming not only our products but our organization. From out-of-the-box approaches, that are the seed to innovative concepts and products, to transformative changes in manufacturing processes, we stay focus on giving answers to customer needs.”



Export Manager

“Telergon has always had a clear vocation for internationalization. Thanks to the investment in continuous product development, compliance with the strictest standards and manufacturing quality, we have reached the most demanding international customers. This process has been possible with a highly qualified internal team, subsidiaries of our group and a network of commercial partners that have led us to be present in more than 100 countries.”

4 | Quality


Quality, Environmental and Prevention Manager

"At Telergon we consider the concept of Quality to be a transversal process that includes all the company's activities, and that is not only focused on the products we manufacture and sell. Thus, all the activities of our firm are involved into a process of continuous improvement, from the design and manufacture of new products so that they comply with the most demanding Quality standards, to accompanying customers in the purchasing process and post-sales service. All of this with the main objective of customer satisfaction".

5 | Leadership


Domestic Sales Manager

"Proximity is a skill, a valuable strategic resource that helps us to maintain strong ties with our clients, to inspire the team to continuous improvement and to offer the market the best tailor-made solutions. Our vocation for proximity and specialisation allows us to capture needs from their incubation stage and turn them into realities with which we evolve. A clear example of this is our growth from the dawn of photovoltaic in 2006 to the present day, in which we are proud to be one of the world's leading references in low-voltage switching and protection solutions for different renewable energy applications, such as photovoltaic, energy storage systems and electric vehicle charging points, among others".

6 | Sustainability


Operations Manager

“At Telergon we are firmly committed to sustainability and the constant improvement of the environmental impact, both of our activity and of the market to which we supply products. Our objective of progressive reduction of the carbon footprint and the increasingly intensive use of renewable energies, is perfectly complemented by our elaboration of products that help others to achieve those same objectives that we want for ourselves. Products with increasingly more recyclability, with less and less use of raw materials and more efficient use of energy that help guarantee a better future for all”