CRS | Firefighter safety switch

The Firefighter Safety Switch is the perfect solution to protect rooftop solar installation in case of emergency or fire. A quick shutdown device, capable of reaching a maximum circuit voltage of 1500 Vdc and cutting current up to 55A. It includes a combination of strings of the photovoltaic panels and a rapid shutdown switch.

  • Suitable up to 5 circuits/strings
  • Maximum circuit current 55A
  • Maximum cricuit voltage 1500vdc
  • Protection degree IP66
  • Poles: from 2P to 10P
  • Easy installation
  • Waterproof vent valve to avoid condensation inside the enclosure
  • Built in temperature sensor that allows automatic shut down of the system when reaching 70ºC inside the enclosure



Amp. Size Strings Code
50 1 1 CRS005002P0
50 1 2 CRS005004P0
50 2 3 CRS005006P0
50 2 4 CRS005008P0
50 2 5 CRS005010P0

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