CEC | compact | 63A – 125A


Changeover switches on-load Series CEC, available from 63A up to 125A for 3P or 3P + N versions. Compact design, common output internally bridged, long electrical and mechanical life even in extreme conditions (tropical and polar) and in industrial environments, lower energy losses. Protection against accidental overvoltage when making/breaking in equipment connected between phase and neutral (our standard 3P + N) with neutral pole early make & late break.Standard operated with manual handle on the right, also available with manual handle on the left.


Amp. Connection 3P 3P+N
63 Cage CEC00633PB0 CEC00633NB0
63 Terminal CEC00633PS0 CEC00633NS0
80 Cage CEC00803PB0 CEC00803NB0
80 Terminal CEC00803PS0 CEC00803NS0
100 Terminal CEC01003PS0 CEC01003NS0
125 Terminal CEC01253PS0 CEC01253NS0

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