S6N | 6P-8P | 250A – 1800A


Switch – disconnectors on-load available from 125A up to 800A with drive mechanism on front, are in 6P or 8P versions. Uninterrupted duties in extreme tropic and polar conditions, as well as the polluted environment of any industrial process.

Available with manual or motorized operation from 250A up 800A.



Amp. Size Connection 6P 8P
125 1 Terminal S6N01256PS0 S6N01258PS0
160 1 Terminal S6N01606PS0 S6N01608PS0
250 1 Terminal S6N02506PS0 S6N02508PS0
315 1 Terminal S6N03156PS0 S6N03158PS0
400 1 Terminal S6N04006PD0 S6N04008PD0
500 1 Terminal S6N05006PD0 S6N05008PD0
630 2 Terminal S6N06306PS0 S6N06308PS0
800 2 Terminal S6N08006PD0 S6N08008PD0


Amp. Size 6P 8P UM (120Vac) UM (230Vac)
250 1 S6N02506PSC S6N02508PSC UM-S2A230Z
315 1 S6N03156PSC S6N03158PSC UM-S2A230Z
400 1 S6N04006PDC S6N04008PDC UM-S2A230Z
500 2 S6N05006PDC S6N05008PDC UM-S2A230Z
630 2 S6N06306PSC S6N06308PSC UM-S26120M UM-S26230M
800 2 S6N08006PDC S6N08008PDC UM-S35120M UM-S35230M

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