S3 | Changeover Switches | 63A – 80A


This range of compact AC switches are specially designed for industrial applications, with I-O-II or by-pass configuration. Available from 63A to 80A with DIN rail mounting, in 3P and 3P+N versions, where the neutral pole is advanced in closing and delayed in opening. The S3 series of AC compact switches are designed according to IEC/EN 60947-3 specifications for use in low voltage industrial installations.


Changeover switch (I-O-II)

Size Amp 3P 3P+N
0 63 S3L00633P1DB S3L00633N1DB
0 80 S3L00803P1DB S3L00803N1DB

By-pass (I-I+II-II)

Size Amp 3P 3P+N
0 63 S3S00633P1DB S3S00633N1DB
0 80 S3S00803P1DB S3S00803N1DB

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