Customized solutions | 10A – 1200A


At Telergon we are specialists in bespoke solutions. We design and manufacture special schemes according to the requirements and specifications of our customers.

From 10A up to 1200A

  • Any electrical diagram
  • Up to 36 positions and 72 contacts
  • Reversing, selectors, ammeters, voltmeters, Dahlander switches…
  • Wide range of products and accessories
  • Lighting, tandem operation, blocking operation, push button, key handle device, auxiliary contacts, clutch device, dual voltage…
  • Especial devices for the railway sector
  • Enclosed customized solutions

In our catalogue you can find some of the standard diagrams. If you need something more specific and personalized, you can use Non-standard diagrams sheet and send it to our Commercial Department.


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