S6 | 160A – 800A | Isolation only


S6 series: DC Disconnectors off-load operation, are available from 160A up to 400A and 1500Vdc in 1P – 2P versions.

Possibility to motorized operation (consult).

S6N series: DC Disconnectors off-load operation, are available in 400A and 630A and 1500Vdc in 4P+4P version.

  • Maximum load breaking performance in a small size
  • Switching of up to 8P with a single handle.
  • Designed for electric vehicle installations, allowing optimal maintenance of different vehicle charging points simultaneously.



Amp. Size Connection 1P Diagram 2P Diagram
160 1 Terminal S6-01601VS0P38 1V S6-01602LS0P38 2L
200 1 Terminal S6-02001VS0P38 1V S6-02002LS0P38 2L
250 1 Terminal S6-02501VS0P38 1V S6-02502LS0P38 2L
400 1 Terminal S6-04001VD0P38 1V S6-04002LD0P38 2L
630 2 Terminal S6-06301VS0P38 1V S6-06302LS0P38 2L
800 2 Terminal S6-08002LD0P38 2L
1600 4 Terminal S6-16002PS038 2 poles
1600 4 Terminal S6-16004PS038 4 poles


Amp. Size Connection 4P+4P
400 1 Terminal S6N040044D0P64
630 1 Terminal S6N063044D0P64

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