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September 2020

Green Energy

Discover our new S7! 500 A -1500 Vdc on a 2P DC switch-disconnector

Renewables are still growing. A reality to which we contribute from Telergon with efficient and innovative DC isolation and protection solutions. The best example of this: our 2P DC switch-disconnector capable of reaching 500 A – 1500 Vdc (750 Vdc per pole), the new S7.

This development is the result of years of research by our R&D team, together with our extensive experience in developing DC solutions. It offers optimized and constant performance throughout its full life thanks to the MAGIC patented technology, that improves arc extinction due to the magnetic blow-out.

Suitable for extreme environments, it presents the lowest power losses in the market and low heat emission, which favors its integration into more efficient and compact boxes. In addition, its small footprint facilitates assembly and does not require bridging links, avoiding potential hot spots.

If you wish further details or place an order, please do not hesitate to contact with our Export Sales Department.


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