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July 2022

Green Energy

Protection solutions for Battery Energy Storage Systems

The protection solutions for Battery Energy Storage Systems market are booming. According to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) report, this sector is expected to grow by an average of 21-25% per year between 2021-2025, thanks to measures to improve the access to energy, the boost to the photovoltaic sector, the increase in domestic self-consumption and electrical mobility, some of the main uses and applications of this market.

At Telergon, we develop solutions that help to meet the requirements and challenges of this sector, to provide higher performance, protection and electrical isolation capacity to these facilities. We can help you to choose the best load break switch and the disconnector (for isolation) to protect battery energy storage systems. 



One of the main suppliers in this sector are the manufacturers of chemical or electrochemical batteries (lithium, vanadium, sodium, zinc…), who are incorporating developments and improvements in raw materials to ensure effectiveness and lower environmental impact. These manufacturers supply the batteries, as well as the cells or modules (racks) and containers.



Each module or battery rack has a Battery Protection Unit (BPU) that must have installed a switch up to 400 A, usually for 1000Vdc/1500Vdc, prepared to break or isolate the current in each rack installed in the containers or in a centralized electrical panel where the different modules are connected.

Serie S6
1P y 2P | 125A – 630A | 1000 V

Wide range of currents
Motorized switch-disconnector (option)

Serie S7
2P | 400A – 500A | 1500 V

A switch-disconnector optimised for photovoltaic and energy storage.



The Battery Concentration Unit (BCU) is equipped with a main switch disconnector (on / off load) from 1000 A to 5000 A. For the maintenance of the container, it is recommended to install an isolation only disconnector which isolate the container for a safe and convenient maintenance.

Serie S5
4P | Up to 2000A | 1000 V DC21B
ON/OFF load

Isolation only 
1P-2P | 800A – 3150A | 1500Vdc 
Compact and flexible solution, with motorised option



These bidirectional inverters are able to charge energy into batteries from a DC (for example, a photovoltaic plant) or AC generation source, and discharge it, when needed, for commercial, residential and industrial use in AC or DC.

Generally, they need to install a powerful main switch disconnector DC (1000 A or 1250 A) with manual or motorized operation, depending on the needs of the installation.

AC switch disconnectors may also be required, depending on the application, up to 800Vac for uses with string inverter technology.

Telergon has an extensive experience in green energy sector, especially thanks to our positioning and leadership in the photovoltaic sector, in which we offer our diverse and versatile protection solutions for battery energy storage systems (BESS).

*Consult the specific data for each series and size


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