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S5L | AC-DC | 160A – 315A

Base mounting changeover switches to work in AC/DC, in 800Vdc (160A) and in 1000Vdc (from 200A to 500A in AC). Also available (on request) for DC/DC in 1000Vdc from 160A to 500A (4P+4P).

Specially designed for installations with pumping systems

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S6 | 125A – 630A | 1000Vdc

DC switch-disconnectors available in different combinations of contacts from 125A up to 630A and in 500-750-1000VDC in 1P and 2P versions.

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S6R | 250A – 500A | 1500Vdc

DC switch-disconnectors of high performance and energy efficiency

According to IEC60947-1&3 1P – 2P versions available from 160A up to 500A

According to UL98B 1P – 2P versions available from 250A up to 400A

Patented technology US 9,899,159 B2

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Switch-disconnector S7 | 125A – 500A | 1500Vdc

New high-performance switch-disconnector capable of reaching 500 A – 1500 Vdc (750 Vdc per pole)

Based on the innovative Magic patented technology, S7 is the result of years of research of our R&D team and the expertise provided by our successful experience being the preferred DC switch-disconnector supplier for solar plants since 2007.

  • Frontal or side operation
  • Maximized electrical performance
  • High safety level
  • Suitable for extreme environments
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Longer life
  • Compact design

Patented technology US 10,269,512 B2

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S6 | 160A – 800A | Isolation only

S6 series: DC Disconnectors off-load operation, are available from 160A up to 400A and 1500Vdc in 1P – 2P versions.

Possibility to motorized operation (consult).

S6N series: DC Disconnectors off-load operation, are available in 400A and 630A and 1500Vdc in 4P+4P version.

  • Maximum load breaking performance in a small size
  • Switching of up to 8P with a single handle.
  • Designed for electric vehicle installations, allowing optimal maintenance of different vehicle charging points simultaneously.
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ZBK | Changeover switches | 20A – 63A

Modular changeover switches DIN rail 3P+N, are available from 20A to 63A. They are designed according to IEC/EN 60947-3 standard for use in civil and low voltage industrial installations. DIN rail mounting & modular front panel most suitable for installation on panel boards.

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S5 | 2P-3P-3P+N | 40A – 6300A

Switch – disconnectors on-load available from 40A to 6300A in 3P – 3P+N & 4P versions (under request). Rated breaking current of up to 8 times the rated operational current, whit ability to establish and support short circuit currents up to 100kA.

Uninterrupted duties in extreme tropic and polar conditions, as well as the polluted environment of any industrial process. Protection against accidental over voltages in equipments connected between phase and neutral (our standard 3P+N) whit advanced switched neutral pole (early make – late break).

Available with manual or motorized operation from 250 A up to 1800 A, and from 2000A up to 3150A (S5N series)

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