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Telergon signs its Equality Plan 2021-2025

We are really proud to communicate we have signed Telergon’s Equality Plan. A plan at the height of our team, corporation and people.

Effective equality between women and men is an indispensable premise for ensuring a fairer and more egalitarian society, as well as sustainable development.

In collaboration with the specialized consultancy Murgibe, firstly a diagnosis of our situation has been made and three major challenges have been identified:

1: Promoting Equality in the ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE.

Aligning the business strategy with equality through three pillars of action: the commitment from Management, the resources available for the achievement of Equality and the maintenance of alliances and networks with other organizations that work for equality.

2: Integration of the commitment to equality in PEOPLE MANAGEMENT.

Managing the human resources policy in terms of equality, supported by the management of the different processes for access and selection, promotion, training, professional development and talent retention, remuneration, equipment, health and good working environment, compatibility between family and work and prevention and attention to sexual or gender-based harassment.

3: Participation in the equality value chain in OUR SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT.

Participating in the value chain of equality and networking to collaborate in different social objectives.

We are committed to working for equality always keeping people at the center of everything, through 11 guidelines in the following years.

An Equality Commission has also been created, which will give this Plan the necessary structure to achieve these goals and it is composed by men and women. In addition, we have the collaboration of the entire team of Telergon and Gorlan group, with a high commitment to these challenges and needs of the company.

Let’s work for a fairer and more egalitarian society.

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