New S3 Series: AC Compact Switch-Disconnectors

S3 series of compact switch-disconnectors

A range of products specifically designed to meet the needs of industrial applications and adapt perfectly to their requirements.


Switch-disconnectors with modular and compact design 

The new S3 series of compact switch disconnectors, designed under a modular concept, is composed of 3 sizes. Including a range from 16A to 125A and are available in 3P, 3P+N versions. Also, there is the possibility of reaching 6P and 8P with the multipole versiones. The neutral pole is advanced in closing and delayed in opening.


Its modular and compact design allows an easier installation and maintenance. According to the needs of industrial applications which need compact solutions.


Outstanding features of S3 Compact switch-disconnectors 

  • Different types of mountings
  • Black and emergency handle
  • Wide range of accessories is available
  • Available in multipole versions.
  • Changeover switches
  • Enclosed solutions in plastic or aluminium.

Versatile range of AC Compact switch-disconnectos

Our specialization in low voltage electrical switchgear solutions allows us to provide complete and perfectly compatible solutions with a wide variety of accessories, such as terminal shrouds, shaft extensions, additional poles or auxiliary contacts. In addition, there is the possibility of enclosed solutions, both in aluminum and plastic.

The new S3 modular switch-disconnectors have different types of handle: Direct lockable (black or emergency), panel without lock (black) or panel lockable (black or emergency). In addition to different types of mounting: DIN rail , panel mounting, door interlock, plastic enclosure and aluminium enclosure.

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