February 2024

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Firefighter Safety Switch. Rapid Shutdown and Remote Disconnection in Photovoltaic Installations.

Rooftop photovoltaic installations need to have a safety device installed near the photovoltaic modules, which allows to disconnect the electric current to the building remotely. This will let extinguishing work to be carried out more safely in the event of an emergency.


What is a Firefighter Safety Switch?

The Firefighter Safety Switch is the perfect solution to protect rooftop solar installation in case of emergency or fire. A rapid shutdown device, capable of reaching a maximum circuit voltage of 1500 Vdc and breaking current up to 38A per circuit. It includes a combination of electronics for motoring AC current and a quick shutdown switch for disconnecting the DC circuits that come from the photovoltaic panels.


This rapid shutdown switch provides safety and protection against electric shocks or overtemperature to the photovoltaic installation, thanks to the automatic current breaking and resetting. It’s applicable to residential, commercial or industrial installations.

How does the Safety Switch work?

In case of fire or emergency, the fireman turns off the AC power manually to extinguish the fire without risk of electric shock. To turn off the power, an AC enclosed compact switch-disconnector with emergency handle can be installed.


Once the current is cut off, the inverter interrupts the AC current throughout the electrical circuit upon detecting the loss of grid. When the current is lost, the Firefighter Safety Switch automatically interrupts DC current coming from the solar panels.


When the power is restored, the Firefighter Safety Switch automatically reconnects and allows the current to flow from the photovoltaic panels.

Which are the advantages of a Firefighter Safety Switch?

  • Suitable up to 5 circuits/strings and up to 10P
  • Maximum circuit current 38A and voltage 1500vdc
  • Energy saving due to autonomous current disconnection.
  • Protection degree IP66
  • Maximum safety for firemen and photovoltaic system.
  • Easy to install
  • Waterproof vent valve to avoid condensation inside the enclosure
  • Built in temperature sensor that allows automatic shut down of the system when exceeds 70ºC inside the enclosure.

Why install a rapid shutdown switch on rooftop PV installations?

More and more solar photovoltaic modules are being installed on roofs. To avoid unnecessary risks in case of fire or emergency, the use of a Firefighter Safety Switch provides a safe and secure environment. When there is fire and the solar panels are generating DC current, it is necessary to quickly and safely break the PV panels from the rest of the network system. The Safety Switch disconnects the power from the generation and reconnects it when there is no longer an electrical hazard.

Where is the Firefighter Safety Switch installed?

This device is placed as close as possible to the solar panels. The closer it is to the modules, the lower the risk and the greater the protection and security it offers.


These devices are very compact and allow up to 5 strings, making a quick and easy installation.


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