July 2024

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New Range of DC Multi-string Switch-disconnectors for Photovoltaic

New range of compact DC multistring switch disconnectors with a wide variety of products specifically designed to offer greater protection to photovoltaic installations and green energy systems, adapting to the needs and specifications of solar panel systems. They are used in photovoltaic applications to manually disconnect solar panels in case of maintenance, repair or installation.


They stand out for their high capacity for product configuration and customization.


Modular and compact design

This photovoltaic load break switch has been conceived under a modular concept. They range from 13A to 55A | 1500Vdc. Available from 2P up to 10P, that is, up to 5 strings.


Its modular and compact design allows easier installation and maintenance, according to the needs of photovoltaic installations and green energy projects looking for compact modular switches. It is designed under IEC/EN60947.3 and UL508i File E362647.

How does a multi-string DC switch-disconnector work in solar installations?

A switch-disconnector loads break the DC from the solar panels to the inverter. It is a critical component to ensure the safety, regulatory compliance and ease of maintenance of solar power systems. They are typically placed close to the inverter to ensure that disconnection can be achieved at both ground and roof levels.

Important characteristics of the DC Multi-string switch disconnectors

  • Up to 55A and 1500V DC
  • Category of use DC-PV1 and DC-PV2
  • Compact size
  • Different types of mounting: DIN rail, Door interlock, Panel Mounting and Hole Mounting
  • Black and emergency handle
  • Lockable in OFF position
  • IEC/EN60947.3 and UL508i

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