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June 2020


We join in the celebration of World Environment Day!

At Telergon we maintain a strong commitment to the environment. Proof of this is our environmental management system, which involves a continuous improvement process to reduce the consumption of natural resources, make our products more sustainable and manage properly the waste we generate. A fundamental goal to contribute to the construction of a greener future that today, when we celebrate the World Environment Day, acquires even greater significance.

Encouraged by this philosophy, throughout the last year we have launched different initiatives to integrate the needs of the planet into our activity. For example, we have replaced all the lights in our plant by LEDs, a gesture that has allowed a saving of 72,980 kWh, which is the energy required to charge 6,580,635 smartphones! If we take into account the greenhouse gas emissions that the data implies, it is the equivalent to the amount of CO2 that 853 trees recover over 10 years. In the same way, the centralization of our heating system has allowed us to replace diesel boilers by two natural gas boilers, which is cleanest fossil fuel. This change, in addition, has enabled us to inert the diesel tank, preventing possible contamination by spillage.

 The manufacture of our products is another area in which we have maximized our efforts and, thanks to the introduction of ecodesign measures, we are achieving a lower environmental footprint. Thus, in the production of the CEC Series -our low amperage changeover- we use 59% less plastic than its predecessors and 100% of its materials are recyclable.

Our concern about the nature is also reflected in the management of waste. Thus, in 2019 we recycled 301,200 kg of copper and steel; 84,861 kg of wood, paper, cardboard and plastic, and 1,366 kg of textile. In addition, and in compliance with European Directive 2012/19/EU and Royal Decree 110/2015 on Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment, we face our responsibility as manufacturers by participating in the system coordinated by Ambiafme.

 But we don’t stop here and, since sustainable development is a shared responsibility, we extend our commitment to our professionals. Therefore, and aware that the best waste is the one that is not generated, we are carrying out a project to replace single-use water bottles with fountains, an initiative that will come to light once the current COVID-19 crisis is exceeded and it is possible to use shared resources.

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