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March 2021

Green Energy

High-performance solutions for PV inverters 800 V AC

PV continues growing globally, having reached record highs in 2020 in both economic value and capacity. Moreover, it is expected to continue growing at around 25% CAGR until 2026.

The photovoltaic energy sector is demanding increasingly efficient and innovative solutions that reduce the consumption of resources and associated costs and are more environmentally sustainable. For this reason, it is already common to find a new model the design of PV plants with 800 Vac, instead of DC. These installations have string inverters closer to the photovoltaic panels that are able to work at this voltage and offer high performance.

At Telergon, as specialists in low voltage switchgear and leaders in the photovoltaic sector, we have developed switching and protection solutions for PV inverters with output voltages of 800 Vac both in grounded installations with central inverters as in those isolated for self-consumption.

Looking for a unique solution for 800 Vac distribution and consumption?

We present therefore an alternative in which we combine the specialization and knowledge of Pronutec, a company specialized in the manufacture and marketing of capital goods for low-voltage electrical distribution, with that of Telergon in the solar energy sector.

It integrates a 6P Telergon switch-disconnector with common outputs up to 2500 APronutec vertical fuse switches TRIVER+ 800 and NH gG/gS fuses and allows, compared to solutions based on ACBs & MCCBs:

  • Reducing the cost up to 50%.
  • Minimal power losses.
  • Facilitating the maintenance.

Solutions for PV inverters 800 V AC

S6 SERIES 3P | From 250 A up to 630 A | 800 V AC21B 

Size 1 – up to 250 A
Size 2 – up to 630 A

S5 SERIES 3P | 1250 A | 800 V AC21B

S5N SERIES 3P y 6P | 1000 A up to 3200A | 800 V AC21B
6P switch-disconnector with common outputs up to 3200A


Fuses with gG or gS curve are the only ones suitable for the protection of the output of string inverters in 800 V AC. Other curves, as for example the aR, present too high-power dissipation and too low breaking capacity.


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